The Adventures Of T Spoon

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Chapter 4. Aliens in New York

The next day Tina woke up to find a message from her beloved frog. It was a very confusing message and seemed to imply that he had now got a baby frog and was about to take the froglet on an adventure, but he didn't say where to! The more she read the message, the more confused she got, so she decided to telephone the frog's relatives in Brooklyn to ask for advice.
'You need to go and visit the wise old Bull Frog' they suggested 'He will know what the message means and how you can find your frog prince!'
So Tina set off into New York.
On the way she felt very hungry and decided to go and have something to eat.

She walked past a place called 'Katz's and liked the sound of the 'best sandwich'! There was also a sign outside saying that this was the place where Harry met Sally. Tina didn't know who Harry or Sally were, but thought it sounded promising that this was a good meeting place. Perhaps she would meet her frog prince inside too?

The place was full of BIG people and Tina was a little overwhelmed, especially as she immediately saw a whole wall full of rules! The rules were right next to the door so she climbed up onto the wall so as she could read them properly without being trodden on.

One of the rules said 'shoes and shirts required in the store', and she was a little worried because she was wearing a dress not a shirt, but she could see other people in dresses too, so thought it must be alright. Further inside she was given a ticket and read the big sign about ticket rules on the next wall.

Tina clutched her ticket tightly because the rules were very scary and she was afraid of what might happen if she lost it.
Finally she sat down and ordered some pickled cucumbers because they weren't made of meats. It was very difficult to eat without letting go of her ticket but she managed to lean over and nibble on them because they were almost as big as her.

She had a good look around but couldn't see any frogs so she decided to leave and handed her ticket to the man at the door on her way out. She was quite glad to be back in the street - the whole ticket thing had been a big worry!

The subway station was very close, so she walked down the steps to find a train to take her to the wise old Bull Frog.
Inside the station Tina saw another sign with lots of rules on it. She read them carefully. There was a lot to remember!

She was a bit confused by one of the rules which said she wasn't allowed in the tunnels. If she got on a train she might be breaking the rules, bacause the train went through the tunnels and she would be on it........
And then she saw another strange rule she didn't understand.

Tina could see lots of things, but she didn't know what she was supposed to say. Several trains passed by as she was thinking carefully about all of this. She watched a few big people to see what they were saying, but a lot of them didn't seem to be saying anything at all. Finally she worked out that if she got on the train with her eyes closed then she wouldn't be breaking the rule because she wouldn't be able to see anything. At last, she was on her way!

When she arrived at the wise old Bull Frog's house, she immediately ran into a very tiny froglet with a sparkly hat on.

Tina became very excited 'Are you the Frog Prince's son?' she asked hopefully, then immediately felt a bit silly when she realised that the little frog was wearing a dress.

The little frog took her to meet the wise old Bull Frog.

Tina thought it was a bit rude that the Bull Frog was sticking his tongue out at her, but went ahead with her question nevertheless:
'I hear you are a very wise Bull Frog frog. Perhaps you can tell me how to find my frog prince?'
'I love my sandals they're just dandy!' The Bull Frog replied.
Tina was a little confused by this answer but thought perhaps it was especially wise.
'I eat up flies just like they're candy!' he continued.
Tina was not at all sure about this, because flies were meats and they didn't eat her or frogs, so it clearly wasn't very big to eat flies. On top of this, she couldn't really understand what any of this had to do with her frog prince.
'Is there anyone here who could tell me where my frog prince is?' she asked again.

Just at that moment and with a large PHLERPH type of noise, three strange green creatures appeared at the Bull Frog's feet. The aliens started chattering at the tops of their voices and Tina tried hard to understand what they were saying, but none of it made any sense to her. She was quite scared at first, but the aliens seemed friendly.

Finally it all went quiet, and one of the aliens turned to her. 'We are going to sing an alien love song and broadcast it across the airwaves to contact your frog prince' he said. So Tina sat back and listened, hoping with all her heart that the love song would work and she would finally find her lovely frog prince.......

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Chapter 3. Brooklyn USA!!!

One sunny day in September, Tina woke up with a sense of great courage. Her small trips from the cupboard had not succeeded in taking her to her frog prince, and she felt the need to strike out further afield. She packed her grey rucksack and headed for the airport.
The journey was long and frightening. Tina had never been so high up before. On arrival she saw a big yellow car. The colour made her think of her home and was reassuring, so she clambered inside. She said she wanted to go to some water where she might find a frog prince. The driver muttered 'another maniac'. But Tina didn't know what maniac meant and thought this place must have a different language.

When she arrived at a big expanse of water Tina got out and went in search of food.
Her eyes fell upon the BIGGEST sausage she had ever seen. It was called a 'hot dog'.

Tina did not eat meat, because meat didn't eat her, so she decided it was not BIG to eat a dog, and ordered a lemonade instead.

As she was drinking her eyes fell upon a menu above the counter, and she was horrified to read that one of the items for sale was 'frogs legs!' Tina shuddered in fear and hoped that her darling prince had not been to this evil place! She ran out quickly.

There was a big sign outside the shop. Tina read that one man had once eaten 53.7 'hot dogs'. Tina could not imagine how BIG he must be!

Suitably refreshed, Tina headed to the water.

She lay in the pleasant breeze for a while, but nobody was around and she saw no sign of froglife. Then her eyes fell upon a big list of rules. Tina loved rules. They made her feel safe because they told her what she could and couldn't do, and then she knew she wouldn't get into any trouble.

There were rules everywhere and Tina read them all very carefully.

There was an awful lot to remember!

Then she found some rules she didn't understand, and that made her afraid incase she did something wrong by mistake......

She was very surprised that there wasn't a rule about BIG holes in the sidewalk, as clearly small people like herself could easily fall down them. Perhaps the sign had been a warning?

Tina was getting very tired having to take in all this information and avoid the holes, so she thought it best to find someone to give her information about where she might find the frog prince as quickly as possible. She headed for the fairground and was very happy to see a large frog sitting on top of a big pole.
He was behind a big fence, so she shouted to him 'Do you know where the frog prince is? Oh and why are you sitting on a big stick?'

'I was playing leap frog one day and I got stuck!' the frog replied, 'But I like it up here because I can see for miles. I'm afraid I can't see your frog prince anywhere though'.
Tina looked crestfallen, but cheered up immediately when the frog continued:
'I can see Brooklyn Heights though, because that is a high place too, and there is a big frog party happening there right now!'
Tina was so excited!! She immediately ran to the station and boarded a train to the frog party.
When she arrived she could hear the croaks immediately, and followed the sound. She entered the party and could not believe how many frogs were in the room and looked around expectantly for signs of her prince. She could not see him but was warmly welcomed by a whole variety of lovely frogs, who told her that they were frog prince relatives. Tina was slightly disappointed that her prince was not at the party, but nevertheless very excited to meet the prince's aunts and uncles and cousins.

'Do you all have your legs?' Tina enquired anxiously.
'Of course we do!' they replied, thinking that it was a bit of an odd question.
"Phew!' Tina replied, and set about enjoying the party.
There were party games, lovely food and drinks and frog music by a band called 'the Eggplants', who Tina liked because they were obviously vegetarians too. She had lots of fun dancing to a tune called 'space frog'.

She felt a little light headed when she drank something called a 'frocktail', and had to have a lie down, but felt very very happy. She was getting closer to her frog prince every day!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Chapter 2. London Town.

Tina was so excited! The frog had found her on the internet and sent a text message! Clearly, a hip urban frog! She was more determined than ever to go in search of him. She read the message carefully looking for clues as to his whereabouts and decided to embark on another trip into a big City.

She asked the ducks on the water, but they had not seen her frog prince.

'Hmm...he pretended to be sherlock holmes in his blog....maybe he's in here...' Tina mused. But no sign of the frog prince.....

One last place to try. She pulled at the trouser leg of a shop assistant to ask him if he knew where her frog might be,but he could not see her as she was so small. She was afraid of being trodden on by all the BIG careless people and left quickly.

Tina returned home, exhausted from her second trip outside her cupboard into the big world. She stared longingly at the photograph of her beloved, wondering if they would ever meet.....

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Incursions. Chapter 1. Brighton.

The Incursion took place on Thursday.
Destination Brighton. And mercifully, no station was cordoned off.

Meanwhile, back in the real World, (Hernwich of Dulville), Tina Spoon's life had been irretrievably altered. It all began when she caught a glimpse of the Frog-Prince on one of the many strange screens in her mellow yellow home. She knew her mission was to find him and his mighty light sabre. And so she set off.

Finding no pitchfork-clutching green God in the immediate environs, she followed a stream of BIG people to the place where the steam monsters make their ponderous way through fields and valleys to the sea and chose her destiny.

The journey was comfortable and the seats had ample legroom but she wished she could see the view. Once Tina had disembarked at the other end, she found herself quite faint from the fresh sea air (how different from the dusty cupboard she was used to ). So she found a bench and took a seat to compose herself.

Her eye fell upon the word 'sea'. Frogs live in water, she thought to herself and leapt from the bench in search of the big blue yonder.

Alas not a frog was in sight. Not a living creature was in sight. But just maybe the frogs were launching themselves off that great big launch-pad in the distance?

She climbed the launch pad, and there her eyes fell upon a familiar sight and her heart leapt - the mighty pitchfork of the magnificent frog prince! She tried to take it but the man in the crisp white hat shook his head and pointed at the sign. 'Chips!' She bought herself a cone of fried potatoes and after eating with gusto left the booth clutching the pitchfork to her heart.

The salty air and salty chips had made her thirsty, so clutching the pitchfork wistfully, she went in search of some drinking water .

She found herself in a place where the BIG people were talking and laughing loudly and falling over. They offered her some alcohol but she knew that it was not BIG to drink.
Back outside she found some flashing machines with pictures - perhaps there was a picture of the lovely frog? But no. 'You have to put money in and maybe you'll win!' she was told. But she knew it was not BIG to gamble.

The round machine was spinning fast and made her dizzy.........

She suddenly felt tired and lonely.
'Have you seen the Frog Prince?' she asked a furry friend on her way out.
He shook his head ...... 'ask the horse' he replied.

She asked the horse.....'Have you seen my frog prince?'....'Nay....I've seen no frog' he replied.

She asked the chickens.....'Have you seen my frog prince?'......The chickens clucked and cocked their heads, their blank avian eyes regarding her with curiosity, but no understanding. They began to sneeze and she ran.....

She thought maybe if she went on a journey on the carousel it might take her to the divine frog.........but it was not to be. She was made to stand against a large picture.
The man at the carousel shook his head. 'YOU are not BIG' he said, shaking his head.

Tina was exhausted from her big day out and did not know how she would get back to her cupboard, which seemed a whole world away. But as fortune would have it she stumbled upon a nice man called Bob. 'Have you seen the frog prince?' she asked tearfully. 'No' he replied, 'But you look very tired - would you like a lift to sunflower valley in my truck?'
'Oh yes please' she replied.

Finally Tina found herself back where the steam monsters roared. She clambered aboard, and for some reason found there were no seats. She clung precariously to a rail on her very uncomfortable journey home, scared that she would be knocked flying by the many big people crushed up against her.

It was dark by the time she reached her mellow yellow home and never had she been so happy to see her familiar cupboard. She slept soundly, dreaming of the beautiful frog prince, hoping that one day she would find him and be happy ever after.....